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Life is not all about money. Today you have it the next day you don’t. Its never static. Have you ever asked yourself how much it costs to build your identity, image and reputation as opposed to making money? Well lets see.
Its easier and fast to please your friends, family, a stranger and enemies with the power of pocket without constraints of character. We can do so much and get what we want as long as we have money. It is rare to encounter defaults and in case it comes you always have a way out. After all, life is full of luxury whereas poverty fades away completely. Even the blessed call you blessed.
However, It is very important to be humble and never let fame or money travel to your head. Army rees Anderson said “Profit in dollars or power is temporary, but profit in a network of people who trust you as a person of integrity is forever.”Just imagine warping off the values you have to the extent of joining gaza, sacrificing your own family members lives to illuminati, lying to cover up a mistake that puts multiple of people at risk, shedding blood of innocent people in order to steal from them, hatred, betraying the trust of those who relied on you, injustice to the helpless etc. You do all these selfish and ruthless acts for self gain. Your now a multimillionaire with a distressing conscience, while the innocent souls are suffering and those who deserved the reward labored in vain.
Earning a good reputation requires smart brains that can reason wisely. Pay keen attention to what you truly believe to be good morals. Life is all about character and your conduct. It is priceless and it only needs little effort to build it up. You lose nothing. Good virtue impacts your life positively while money only sums up trouble and stress when it fades away. It can never buy your happiness nor morals.


  1. IMG_20151031_145313TRUE LOVE

Love its like corruption in Kenya, ones you find it, it will never end. The driving force behind the spirit and weakness towards somebody is like speedbumps of challenges that you cannot avoid. It is the power felt in the inner 24/7 pumping of the heart that makes the heart pump rapidly when you see the person. The determination to win or loose is like all athletes almost finishing the crossline but only one wins. The little effort sermoned up to finish brings forth the shinning star.

It is often said if u aim at the star u will reach the moon. The beautiful things in this world are not seen but felt by the heart. If true love exits between two lovers and glows each and every day that passes by, there is great impossibility of break up. Let the love be fresh and felt every new day that God has made u see it together. Let the love grow foder and experience new fresh scent of love that will brainwash your mind with memories of one another. True love is the conqueror of evil spirit of heartbreaks. Love is the most beautiful feeling that God has given us. It has no control in ones heart. Stay true and be true to youreslf. 

Why am not surprised with central women

Central men have become completely opposite of what they are expected to be. They have unleashed their manhood to big animal brutes behavior and for this am not surprised why women storm back like trained tycoons to discipline them. I tend to think they have lost their sense of humor to silly cheap liquor and spirits that deteriorates their immune system. lack of provision in the family, children sent back home due to incomplete fees, wife not well taken care off and perfectly maintained, lack of a proper balance diet yet its a well fertile land are some of the key factor makes me not to be surprised. surely is this the kind of lifestyle spinsters are expecting in the days to come? It’s not the duty of women to walk out of the house, toil all day long while the head of the family is busy wasting time in the pub talking trash and senseless issues that wouldn’t be of help to family. Does this mean your children and wife will eat your bullshit talks in the end of the day.For heaven sake God created man and woman giving each a responsibility that he or she can handle. I am sorry to admit that till where we are for now i have completely loosed hope of men from central. If taking whiskey, vodka, tequila and brandy is their hobby i would rather stay single than see my children grow in an abusive fatherly nature. I am not trying to imply that am perfect but on this case i bet i am. In fact drinking makes one look older than his actual age and wears one out to and old “guka”. wouldn’t you admire two to be a good looking young and handsome man? I may sound outdated, out of place, stupid, holier than thou name them all but am not ready to sell myself to soul who never dared to achieve. i don’t intended to spoil your fun but think twice or thrice before you decide to drink. If the society would be with filled with people like my dad who happens to come from nyeri the wild place where men are stormed, it would wouldn’t cost us much to dig deeper into details to find your dream guy. no market lacks a man hence ladies do not take chances dig deeper to get to you type. never allow yourself to fall into the arms of people who never dared to work hard.